Make Money from Affiliate Marketing –

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is where an existing Online Retailer pays a commission to another website for driving visitors “Traffic” to their website via a special link which is embedded with a unique code that tells the retailer where the traffic came from. Then when someone buys something, the commission is paid to the “Affiliate”. It is all legitimate and is not as some folks think, a Pyramid Selling or Multi Level Marketing Scheme.

It is one of the most popular ways to make money online nowadays. It is is generally free to become an affiliate and there are literally thousands of companies running Affiliate Schemes. Most of the big online retailers including  Amazon and eBay have a scheme that anyone can join as long as you meet their criteria. Note how the word Amazon is highlighted here? That is because it is a link through to them with my code embedded into it.

Plenty of other online stores run schemes too. There is also a few websites that specialise in showing you what companies and what products will pay out to affiliates. One of the biggest is called Clickbank.  Have look at their site and you can learn a lot!

You don’t necessarily have to have your own website to do affiliate marketing either. As long as you can embed a link into another site like Facebook for example,  to send viewers to a shopping site, you can start getting commissions.

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing for the purchaser is that it doesn’t cost any more than if they were to go direct to the seller’s site to purchase.

You will find that these books, are a good source of information for newbie Affiliate Marketers. And that is why I put them on my website. In fact they are part of my own passive income stream so go ahead and click on them and you will see where they lead. Better still buy one! They will give you a wealth of information, but then of course, this time I get the commission. But at no extra cost to you!

If you have never heard of Affiliate Marketing before, it is essentially where you sell other peoples products online and receive a commission for doing so.

This can be a fit and forget income stream or you can spend more time after setting it up and build on the income. It is pretty easy to set up, minimal or zero cost to you. You can learn about it in the step by step guide book shown here.

Below is another great book “Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing” that will give you a down to earth insight and step by step guide to set up and run your own Affiliate Marketing passive income stream.

An important part of any affiliate website is that you must comply with best practice rules if you don’t want to be banned from affiliate schemes.

The single most important issue is that of Disclosure. You must disclose the fact that you are an affiliate and likely to earn a commission from any purchase made by clicking on the relevant link.

My Disclosure looks like this…

Disclosure –
“Some product links on this website are affiliate links which means that at no extra cost to yourself we can get compensation for products that we endorse”

How do I set up a website to sell my products?

Here’s where I can help – Go to my website and hosting page HERE

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