This is  my “Make Money” Section

A work in progress section of my website, this is where I lay out different ways to make money online and off. Proven ways to earn money with as little effort as possible. Some of them can produce big rewards by putting in more effort but it depends on the amount of input you are prepared to undertake. A lot of them involve varying degrees of effort at the start in setting them up but with the intention of producing a residual income stream. The simplest of these passive or residual income streams comes in the form of “Affiliate Marketing”. This can be done with purpose built websites or by utilising one’s own Social Media websites such as Facebook or Instagram among many others. I call it a work in progress page because I will be regularly adding to this page and also creating sub-pages that enter into more detail on the specific plans.

In addition to the many Affiliate Schemes I will introduce you to, I will also detail other money making tips and plans that can be undertaken. My prime target market is for people who are semi-retired or fully retired and looking to earn some extra money to top-up their existing income. But of course there is every opportunity for anyone of virtually any age, over the age of legal consent, to become involved in these projects.

Click on the links below to take you to the relevant page for more information.

If the link does not open a new page, then that page is still under construction. As I mentioned earlier, “A work-in-progress”. However, it does give you an idea of the subjects I will cover eventually. So, don’t forget to come back regularly for new projects and details of how to set up your own income streams and you too can start and enjoy some passive pay days!


CRYPTO-CURRENCY (Bitcoin etc.)