360 Videos, 360 Virtual tours and 360 Still Photos are the perfect Marketing Tool for your business. They are Ideal as promotional videos for you to embed into your website or share on your company Facebook page. They increase awareness of your business location and improve the trust of your potential and existing customers. On websites, they increase the “Stickiness” of the site which ensures viewers spend more time on your site and therefore take-in more information.

360 Virtual Tours and Photos are interactive and are designed to fit seamlessly within the latest responsive website layouts. Did you know that more than twice the amount of people browse the internet on their phones nowadays than using a desktop PC? Responsive layouts ensure that the layout changes to suit either a phone, tablet or Desktop. Our 360 photography products handle this with ease.

We have always been innovative and creative with the use of 360 photography and we can discuss different applications to help with your promotions and corporate image. 360 Degree Videos are sometimes mistaken for Drone Videos. However the system we use is better than a drone for low-level recording of “Fly-through” videos, and safer too when people and property are nearby.

We can add various innovative features like those listed below:

Optimised for Mobiles and Social Sharing

To maximise the exposure, our 360 products are automatically optimised to display in the most effective way possible. This promotes the desire to share on social media like Facebook.

Tiny Planet and other Special Effects

We can introduce a host of effects that are attention grabbing and help to turn prospective customers into actual customers. Just a few effects are listed below, but there are many more things we can do.


Take a look at the following 360 Videos. They have all been loaded to Facebook or Google Street View and then embedded within this website with a simple Copy & Paste of the Embed code from Facebook or Google Maps:

Promote with a Social-Shorty Video

We call these a Social-Shorty Video because they are great to use as a short promotional video on Social Media. Starting at £150 for up to 3.5 minutes long. We will film and Edit the video and load it online for you to place in your Facebook or Instagram account and from there you can even embed it into your own website with ease. More complex Videos and Fly-through Videos are also available and subject to quotation depending upon your requirements.

Fly Through Videos & Virtual Tours

These range from a simple fly through video to quiet complex virtual tours with a mix of walk-through and embedded video with interactive hot-spots and information points. The kind of thing where you walk into a hotel reception go up to a person standing behind the desk, click on the person and witness actual video of the receptionist talking to you! We also give you FREE Virtual Reality headsets when you arrange one of these Virtual Tours – Call 07772 481067 for more details.

We have an example of this being filmed at the end of February 2020. So once edited and approved by the client, you will be able to see it here. Meanwhile you will have to use your imagination!

Little Planet Videos

This is a Tiny Planet Video originally shot in Full HD but sampled here in low resolution for faster loading and to disguise the faces of those taking part. You will see a short example of using “Hypa-Speed” and “Slow-Mo” within this video. These are guaranteed to create interest in your business.

Google Street View Walk Through Virtual Tour

This is an example of how you can have a Google Street View embedded into your website. Street View is an important Marketing Strategy for any business nowadays and its benefits are often overlooked. When looking for businesses, consumers use Google Mapping Products 44% of the time! And 41% result in an online visit! This is a great way to drive traffic to your website as well as improve trust and brand awareness. According to Google’s Oxera Study, listings with 360 photos or a Virtual Tour are TWICE as likely to generate interest!

One-Shot 360 Photos of Business Premises

Starting at only £65 for our “One-Shot” Special, can your business afford to miss out? This is something that can last forever too. Well, as long as there is Google! It is simply a single shot of the inside of your Shop, Bar, Restaurant or Business and it is uploaded straight to Google Street View. You also get the ability to Share it on your Facebook Page or embed it into your website. A one-off price for possibly the best marketing tool you have ever had for your business with NO on-going charges and NO fees to Google.

“One-Shot Photos can be turned into a video too and made to Auto-run as in the example below of a hotel restaurant in Mexico… Yes, we will travel all over the World to produce your shots! Ask for a quotation.

When two “One-Shots” are combined it is possible to select which one to view all within the photo. Customers love to be interactive!